THE SECOND VERTEX CUP WILL TAKE PLACE from friday 24.06. to sunday 26.06.

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The second edition is just around the corner and the organization is already in full swing. From Friday 24 to Sunday 26 June, high level tennis will be played again at TC Angenstein!

This year, it is important to build on last year's success and tackle new challenges. In addition, there is the opportunity to show that weaknesses can be optimized. In other words, what were recently plans will now be put into practice. Thus, this year for the first time a women's category takes place. Female Players with a ranking from R1 to R5 will have the opportunity to register for the tournament and live out their ambitions. A big step is dared with the gentlemen. This year, a tableau for the rankings N3 to N4 will be organized. The Vertex Cup officially reaches a new level. It is now possible for players on national rank 31 to 150 to register. The playing strength, which was shown during the first Vertex Cup as a show match, is this year a separate tournament category.

Also in 2022, the Vertex Cup will be designed primarily to be able to offer the participants a smooth competition and to remain in everyone's memory. It is therefore immensely important that the tournament reaches the desired standard again this year.

In addition to changes on the players side, the Vertex Cup is also evolving on other levels. For example, improvements in the restaurant service are being worked on, more official staff is being hired and a loudspeaker system for the referee is being organized. To raise awareness of the tournament, we will adjust our advertising strategy.

As a non-profit-oriented construct and without a secure source of income, the Vertex Cup is more than ever dependent on sponsors. We are optimistic that there will be no lack of support and that the Vertex Cup can be carried out in an appropriate manner.