In 2021, the first edition of the Vertex Cup took place. Regional players, as well as players from Central Switzerland and French-speaking Switzerland, competed in their tennis skills during three days on the courts of Aesch.

Probably the biggest success for us was that the participants left the tournament more than satisfied. The joy of the players could be attributed primarily to the fact that they felt appreciated. No matter at what level tennis was played, all were treated respectfully and got the attention they deserved. Furthermore, because of its enjoyable atmosphere, the first edition of the Vertex Cup will remain in good memory forever.

To guarantee the players a smooth tournament process, we organized various services. However, these were only possible through the numerous sponsors. For example, we were able to guarantee free physiotherapy, discounted hotel rooms for arriving players, a shuttle bus and unlimited refilling of sports drinks. In addition, the entry fees were set as low as possible and the prize money as high as possible.

In order to make a pleasant stay for the spectators, a professional chef was hired, who took care of the catering business with the help of volunteers.

The metaphorical senses of taste of every tennis enthusiast were only really satisfied on the final day. Amid highly competitive matches, a exhibition match took place between Skender Fynn, a young regional talent, and Carbonari Gustavo, a former ATP 513 ranked player.